Tuesday, 29 January 2013

January: Hayley's date

Might as well leave this blank as there was no date. Massive fail!

I did have one lined up, randomly with a guy I used to be really good friends with about 10 years ago. He asked if I wanted to meet up on Sunday night and go for a Nandos which is always a hit with me (single chicken pitta, medium with cheese and spicy rice). I was treating it more of a catch up but for blog purposes, a date.

He started whatsapping me at half 1 on Sunday morning which I thought was a blatant reminder, you know, remember you're seeing me tomorrow.

Then the next morning, he cancelled, boom. Said his Mum was cooking him and his family dinner...

So of course I hooked up with Amy instead who put a bit of peer pressure on.

I figured what's the point there were only 4 days left until the end of the month plus I already had plans which I was not prepared to cancel for a boy! 

So I'll save myself for Feb. After all I'm gonna be inundated with offers on facebook with this horrendous profile picture Amy's about to make me put up...

I saw this card in Sainsbury's which I thought I'd share seeing as I don't have a date pic!

Love Hayley xox

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