Tuesday, 29 January 2013

January: Hayley's date

Might as well leave this blank as there was no date. Massive fail!

I did have one lined up, randomly with a guy I used to be really good friends with about 10 years ago. He asked if I wanted to meet up on Sunday night and go for a Nandos which is always a hit with me (single chicken pitta, medium with cheese and spicy rice). I was treating it more of a catch up but for blog purposes, a date.

He started whatsapping me at half 1 on Sunday morning which I thought was a blatant reminder, you know, remember you're seeing me tomorrow.

Then the next morning, he cancelled, boom. Said his Mum was cooking him and his family dinner...

So of course I hooked up with Amy instead who put a bit of peer pressure on.

I figured what's the point there were only 4 days left until the end of the month plus I already had plans which I was not prepared to cancel for a boy! 

So I'll save myself for Feb. After all I'm gonna be inundated with offers on facebook with this horrendous profile picture Amy's about to make me put up...

I saw this card in Sainsbury's which I thought I'd share seeing as I don't have a date pic!

Love Hayley xox

Monday, 21 January 2013

January: Amy's date

Thankfully, before me and Hayley had come up with the 12 date challenge, I'd already been on my first- so that's January's out the way....phew! 
Before I'd met this date, I knew he had 'been with' (ahem), one of my good friends. This was just the once, and was after a drunken night out, so I didn't worry about it too much. I did obviously consult the lovely friend in question beforehand, who gave a response of 'yeah mate go for it!'. Love her. 

When it comes to date outfits, something strange seems to happen to me, and I choose something completely random that I'd never think of wearing on a night out, usually something that I've stolen from my housemates wardrobe. At first I stuck to my guns and chose a simple T shirt, with leather look leggings and a blazer. Immediately after calling the taxi I have a panic and throw off the T Shirt, and put on a sequin vest instead. Which belongs to my housemate. AGAIN! 

I send the standard outfit photo to Hayley and she approves. 

It wasn't til I got out the house that I realised how low cut the top was. Interesting. Anyway, we met (for the first time, eek), in quite a civilised bar. First impressions were quite good- he was pretty hot- good face, good hair, good build. Tick, tick, tick. 
The conversation didn't exactly flow, but I put that down to nerves on his part- when I'm nervous I chat and chat, which is quite convenient on a date! 
He then suggested a pub down the road that he said was a bit more lively, so he led the way. We walk into a room full of dancing middle aged folk, singing to Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Definitely more lively. But this was a gay bar. Genius when you think about it. 
To this day, I'm not sure he knows it's a gay bar. He said he hangs out there a lot and one of his observations were 'there are a lot of gay people in there'. Uh oh. The all-singing, all-dancing DJ on stage is a bit of a giveaway, darling. 

A few drinks later, my date is drunk. He then insists that he wants food, so a first for me, we go for an Indian. On our first date. Drunk. I then sit and watch him eat a curry. Strange, no?! 

Then me and my even drunker date venture back into the gay bar. By this point, I get the feeling he's TOO drunk and wants to go home. It's a Saturday night, it's 11.30 and I didn't get dressed up for no reason- I'm getting us another drink. 
All is fine until my date takes a gulp of his drink from the glass, a girl pushes past him, and he chips his tooth on the side of the glass. SERIOUSLY?!!!
My date is NOT happy. After I tell him a million times that you can't see it, he says 'I'm annoyed, I'm going to have to go home'. Ok. 

So with a slightly grumpy hug, he gets in a taxi and goes home... as I say goodbye to him I hear him say to the taxi driver 'To A&E please'. Let's hope he's joking. 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

12 months, 12 dates...

So tonight, over a Nandos, we made a pact to each other:
We MUST have at least one date, EVERY month for a whole year. 
So that's 12 months, 12 dates. No excuses! 

Hayley only had one date last year and Amy's dates always end up being a little bit mental- so this will be a challenge for both of us... 

Here are the rules: 
Each date must be a different man (sloares) 
We need to try and take a photo of us with our dates- to put up on here but to also prove the date happened!! 
Failure to find a date will result in an ugly facebook profile picture for ONE MONTH, chosen by each other. The worst punishment for a single girl... cue evil laugh... 

Each date story will be shared with you, you lucky lot! 

This will be a fun year :) 

Love Amy and Hayley 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013



Imagine the above line, shouted loudly, and quite drunkenly, in some unsuspecting guy's face- It seemed like a pretty legit chat up line at the time. And that's probably why we're still single.

We're Amy and Hayley. We've been best friends for about 15 years, and have been enjoying the ups and downs of being single together for the last two. These are our faces...  

After months of talking about making a blog about the single life, we're finally doing it. We don't man- hate (we actually quite like them), and we're not here to name and shame- we just find each other and our stories effing hilarious! 

Oh, and if you're looking for dating advice... We're not your ladies...

Watch this space...!

Love Amy and Hayley x