Sunday, 20 January 2013

12 months, 12 dates...

So tonight, over a Nandos, we made a pact to each other:
We MUST have at least one date, EVERY month for a whole year. 
So that's 12 months, 12 dates. No excuses! 

Hayley only had one date last year and Amy's dates always end up being a little bit mental- so this will be a challenge for both of us... 

Here are the rules: 
Each date must be a different man (sloares) 
We need to try and take a photo of us with our dates- to put up on here but to also prove the date happened!! 
Failure to find a date will result in an ugly facebook profile picture for ONE MONTH, chosen by each other. The worst punishment for a single girl... cue evil laugh... 

Each date story will be shared with you, you lucky lot! 

This will be a fun year :) 

Love Amy and Hayley 

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