Monday, 21 January 2013

January: Amy's date

Thankfully, before me and Hayley had come up with the 12 date challenge, I'd already been on my first- so that's January's out the way....phew! 
Before I'd met this date, I knew he had 'been with' (ahem), one of my good friends. This was just the once, and was after a drunken night out, so I didn't worry about it too much. I did obviously consult the lovely friend in question beforehand, who gave a response of 'yeah mate go for it!'. Love her. 

When it comes to date outfits, something strange seems to happen to me, and I choose something completely random that I'd never think of wearing on a night out, usually something that I've stolen from my housemates wardrobe. At first I stuck to my guns and chose a simple T shirt, with leather look leggings and a blazer. Immediately after calling the taxi I have a panic and throw off the T Shirt, and put on a sequin vest instead. Which belongs to my housemate. AGAIN! 

I send the standard outfit photo to Hayley and she approves. 

It wasn't til I got out the house that I realised how low cut the top was. Interesting. Anyway, we met (for the first time, eek), in quite a civilised bar. First impressions were quite good- he was pretty hot- good face, good hair, good build. Tick, tick, tick. 
The conversation didn't exactly flow, but I put that down to nerves on his part- when I'm nervous I chat and chat, which is quite convenient on a date! 
He then suggested a pub down the road that he said was a bit more lively, so he led the way. We walk into a room full of dancing middle aged folk, singing to Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Definitely more lively. But this was a gay bar. Genius when you think about it. 
To this day, I'm not sure he knows it's a gay bar. He said he hangs out there a lot and one of his observations were 'there are a lot of gay people in there'. Uh oh. The all-singing, all-dancing DJ on stage is a bit of a giveaway, darling. 

A few drinks later, my date is drunk. He then insists that he wants food, so a first for me, we go for an Indian. On our first date. Drunk. I then sit and watch him eat a curry. Strange, no?! 

Then me and my even drunker date venture back into the gay bar. By this point, I get the feeling he's TOO drunk and wants to go home. It's a Saturday night, it's 11.30 and I didn't get dressed up for no reason- I'm getting us another drink. 
All is fine until my date takes a gulp of his drink from the glass, a girl pushes past him, and he chips his tooth on the side of the glass. SERIOUSLY?!!!
My date is NOT happy. After I tell him a million times that you can't see it, he says 'I'm annoyed, I'm going to have to go home'. Ok. 

So with a slightly grumpy hug, he gets in a taxi and goes home... as I say goodbye to him I hear him say to the taxi driver 'To A&E please'. Let's hope he's joking. 

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