Sunday, 21 April 2013

So it's April, I still haven't had a date and I feel like I'm letting the blog down!

This is typical me. I can't be bothered (probably got something to do with why I'm still single) and I just live the single dating life through Ames.

The last date I went on was so much fun as well. I might as well tell you about it.

We went to Gunwharf - obvious choice. Amy came round before to help me with my outfit and gave me a lift (thanks mum)!

We arranged to meet at Slug & Lettuce and he was late. I had a large glass of wine before he eventually turned up...with a hole in his crotch!

He immediately got his tattoos out, I think to break the ice as they were pretty stupid. One on his toe, you can imagine my face as anyone who knows me well will know I have foot phobia.

We had a bit of an awkward conversation about my ex and then he offers me jaeger, I oblige. Four for £10 would be rude not to, right? 

We got on pretty well and I think I made him laugh. On to Bar 38 for a dance. Cringein'ell. His shapes were outrageous so I quickly abort the plan.

I whatsapped Ames who was chilling at her friend's apartment which overlooks the bar. She offered me a lift home and seeing as I was 8/10 drunk I accept. She gives my date a lift home too!

I should probably have mentioned earlier that my date looks a bit like Nick Grimshaw and is Craig David's biggest fan so it's banterville all the way home.

I had a good night! Just haven't seen him again. Might give him a text actually.

I promise to have a May date!

Hayley xoxo

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