Monday, 12 August 2013

Amy's July Date

I'm gonna say that I didn't have a date in June because I was just so damn busy with birthdays and social plans, and getting a new job etc etc. That's clearly the reason. 
July was looking very much the same way until I got asked out on the 31st. Lucky. I said yes to this guy because he's local to the new city I work in, where I know nobody. He said he'd show me around and we could go for lunch- Which would be lovely if we weren't in Basingstoke. 
I met him in the delightful town centre, after about half an hour of him directing me over the phone, and we went to a restaurant for some food. 
One of the most attractive qualities about him is that he's a fireman. That's so fucking hot. (No pun intended) I start to ask him about it but I don't really get the reaction I expected, as he tells me he doesn't really want to talk about it. Brilliant, there goes ALL of my conversational content. 
Somehow, we end up deep in conversation about his best friend dating a prostitute. It's the most interesting thing we speak about for the whole date, and he ends up showing me her website where she lists her services. We talk about how her boobs are wonky, and I ask him what 'snowballing' is. I wish I hadn't asked, I can't finish my pasta. 
He's a good looking guy, I just REALLY wish he didn't have a tattoo of a turtle on his leg. Yes, a TURTLE. 
 He paid the bill, and said that I 'can pay next time, *wink*'. Hmm. Second dates aren't really my thing apparently. 

Amy xx

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